Rest and comfort in the middle of Mother Nature

direction Subway/ ITX-Cheongchun Train
(Operated during winter season only)

Korea's only one resort that can be reached by subway.

Take the subway (Gyeongchun Line) or ITX-Cheongchun Train to Elysian Gangchon and make your journey more comfortable.

Gyeongchun Line

  • - It takes only 60 minutes from Sangbong Station to Baegyangri Station (Elysian Gangchon Station).
  • - You can take a free shuttle bus that goes Baegyang-ri Station and the condominium entry running every 20 minutes. ( 00 / 20 / 40 min)
  • - For more information , please visit the KORAIL website or download the app “Korail Talk”.

Terrain Park construction site


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