Rest and comfort in the middle of Mother Nature

Winter Ski School Top level professional Instructors will be with you

Experience much funnier and safer skiing with professional instructors.


Lesson courses are grouped by your abilities and taught by professional Instructors.
The Elysian Winter Ski School consists of Certificated Instructors by KSIA (Korea Ski Instructors Association).
We will help you build your skills in a fun & supportive environment.

Ski School Infromation (+82) 033-260-2870
    • Beginners

      This level is for the people who experience skiing first-time or who are
      unfamiliar with winter sports.
      We will make you familiar with on-snow sports with our reliable instructors.
      Please don’t try to make it yourself, just enjoy our reliable ski school service.

    • Intermediate

      Essential course for the dynamic skiing. With an overall understanding of skiing,
      you will learn how to deal with skiing in a balanced and rhythmic way.
      The players at this level can try to make own skiing.
      And you can enjoy much more smooth turns by learning Stem Turn and
      Pole Checking which is the basis of Parallet turn.

    • Higher Intermediate

      The Players at this level enjoy their own style which is
      well-balanced, rhythmic, and dynamic. It helps you overcome your fear of
      speeding and steepness. This is the final step of basic skiing called ‘Short-turn’.
      Hope you improve your skiing more rhythmically and sophistically

    • Advanced

      The players at this level will enjoy the perfect skiing experience on any slope.
      You will learn advanced techniques such as racing, mogul course,
      and Skiing in varying snow conditions. Through this course, your future
      skiing will be more dynamic and sophisticated experience.

    • Snow boarding lesson

      From basic side slip to carving-turn, you will experience overall snowboarding.
      The course contents are based on your level.
      In addition, there are many tiny injuries such as wrists, buttocks, knees, etc.,
      so we provide lessons considering the injuries.

Class Schedule

DIVISION Apply Hours on-site reception Class Hours
Morning 09:00~10:00 10:00~12:00
Morning+Day 10:00~12:00+14:00~16:00
Day 13:00~14:00 14:00~16:00
Day+Night 14:00~16:00+18:30~20:30
Night 18:00~18:30 18:30~20:30

General Lesson Fees

DIVISION Professional Instructor General Instructor comments
half day
half day
Single (1:1) 330,000 400,000 280,000 350,000 *Covering all levels
*4hrs course is divided into 2+2 hrs
couple (2:1) 390,000 460,000 340,000 410,000 *We're not matching one student to another,
so you have to bring your own partner.
*Adult + Kid group rate will be average price
between adults and kids rates.
Family (3~4:1) 440,000 510,000 390,000 460,000 *Instruction is focused on the top level user.
Group (5:1) - - 100,000 - *5:1 class includes beginner Lift for once