Elysian is the only resort reached via metro in Korea.

Enjoy the excitement of skiing itself without worries about heavy traffic or bad weather.

Smart pass allows you to choose the time frame you want to go skiing.
Waiting time from ticketing to equipment rental is minimized with premium reservation system.
Strict snow maintenance and several events for pleasant ski culture
Elysian G`angchon has been making its best efforts to provide you with satisfaction.


Slope Data
Slope Linked slope Total running
distance (m)
Altitude grade Lift
Highest Lowest
Beginner Panther 306 116 95 A1
Rabbit 436 129 95 13º A
Dragon 1,500 260 95 23º B
Intermediate Horse / Zebra 1,032 260 95 35º C
Horse / Pegasus 1,045 260 88 31º Over C
Deer 945 260 88 44º D
Advanced Puma 1,175 260 140 16º D
Leopard 518 212 88 52º E
Jaguar 524 - 93 54º E
Slope Data image