Seminar & Wedding

The prestigious resort with the view of Mt. Hallasan and blue ocean of Jeju island.

Wedding hall A house wedding Elysian Jeju
to realize your wedding dreams in nature

Capture special moments of your life in a romantic wedding.

Camellia Garden

An elegant and impressive wedding like no other

A wedding at the wide open Camellia Garden is a celebration that is truly unique from the conventional weddings,
and one where the bride and groom and guests can share joyful moments.
The pristine scenery of the nature helps the bride, the princess of the day, look and feel her best.
Capture all the wonderful memories with family and friends through photos in the beautiful garden after the ceremony.
Let Elysian Jeju help bring you joy on your special day.

Bensley Garden

We present you with an incomparable
joy on your happiest day.

Bensley Garden is a gorgeous garden where you can have a wedding in nature.
It is the perfect private house wedding place that allows you to feel the beauty of nature in the city.
Let peace of mind wash over you as you delight in the beauty of gentle curves.
You can also have a poolside wedding party, or a luxurious wedding in an open space that is harmonized with nature.

Square Garden

My small but splendid wedding

A private wedding in the quaint, European-style garden will bring to reality the romantic moments that you
have dreamed of all your life. The Square Garden is especially known for its beautiful sunset.
You can feel the majestic and elegant atmosphere under the pink and red shades of the sky at sunset.
The venue offers a unique opportunity to create beautiful memories.

Ocean Garden

A private wedding hall just for you and your loved one

During the spring, the garden is filled with red rhododendron flowers in full bloom.
This creates a magnificent view along with wide eulalia fields under the blue sky and the Jeju seas spreading before your eyes.
Creating a private paradise for the one you love is no longer a dream.
At the Ocean Garden, your dream of a romantic and picturesque wedding comes true.

Grand Ballroom

Experience the eternity of a brilliant moment

The Grand Ballroom is the ideal wedding hall for a magnificent and dramatic wedding. Featuring a high ceiling
and a T-shaped road, the bride will shine under the spotlight.
We will make your dream of a fantastic wedding come true with beautiful lighting,
cutting-edge acoustics, and ornamentation of live flowers arranged by professional florists.