Elysian Jeju

A premium resort that embodies the beauty of nature

Elysian Jeju

A premium resort that embodies the beauty of nature

Elysian Golf

Embodying the beauty of Jeju Island's nature-Experience Mt.
Halla’s dynamic charm, which includes highlands that reach 500 meters
above sea level, the Oreum (volcanic cone), and the emerald sea-Elysian
Resort presents you with a high-class round of golf that will satisfy
and impress you.

Elysian Elsuite

Experience and delight in the fantastic landscape of Bensley Garden,
a masterpiece designed by world-renowned landscape designer
Bill Bensley. Experience true relaxation in nature.
For travelers visiting Jeju, the mysterious charm of the Oreum will
create a memorable experience to be cherished forever.


Elysian Jeju is equipped with a large banquet hall
boasting the finest interior design, medium and small
banquet rooms featuring various concepts, as well as
special facilities where you can make unforgettable
memories of your life as you enjoy a large garden party
or a poolside barbeque party.


Also, a house wedding at Elysian Jeju is the
perfect option for prospective brides
and grooms who dream of a unique wedding
in a private place.


High quality service by professional chefs
who are experts in Jeju’s specialty cuisine
We will make your dining experience
even more special by providing
a wide space and the best service.

Condominium DELUXE SUITE


Deluxe rooms where you can relax in nature
They are the finest villa-style rooms nestled in the Oreum of Jeju.



Premium suite rooms designed by Verte and Poche
Experience Bill Bensley's world of stunning landscaping and be enchanted
by the beautiful nature of Bensley Garden as you rest in your room.