Rest and comfort in the middle of Mother Nature

About Ski Resort Ski Resort

Korea's only one ski resort that can be reached by subway

You can either take Gyeongchun Line of Seoul Subway or ITX Cheongchun High Speed Train, you can easily reach the snowfields of our resort within one hour.
Hop on the train and come visit our snow kingdom!

Special features of Elysian Gangchon

    • 01 The only ski resort in Korea that can be reached by subway

      Elysian Gangchon is Korea’s only one ski resort that can be reached by either subway or train.
      Baegyang-ri Station, a subway/railroad station, is located right inside of our resort.
      This makes you more convenient to directly and easily reach our resort anytime from anywhere.
      Take either Gyeongchun Line of Seoul Subway or ITX Chengchun High Speed Train
      without inconvenience such as traffic congestion and bad weather.

    • 02 “Smart Fare System” implemented for the first time in Korea

      The Smart Fare System makes up for the disadvantages of the seasonal ticket system
      that limits the date and time, such as morning tickets, weekly tickets, etc.
      This system helps you to use our facilities anytime.

    • 03 Even beginners can enjoy a downhill run from the top!

      Elysian Gangchon, with a total area of 203,740 square meters, has eight slopes for
      beginners or intermediates (2 for beginners, 1 for pre-intermediates, 5 for intermediates, 2 for the advanced).
      Our slopes have lower difficulty level, so anyone can enjoy joyful skiing.

    • 04 Skip The Lines

      A total of 6 lifts are operated for 10 slopes.
      Each lift features high transport capacity, which reduces your waiting time.
      Spend more time doing what you love.

    • 05 Excellent Quality of Snow Management

      Our snow removal team maintains the best snow quality
      through a real-time snow removal system running night and day.
      We ensure the best slope environment for your skiing and snowboarding.