Seminar & Wedding

Rest and comfort in the middle of Mother Nature

Wedding Elysian Gangchon Wedding in four seasons

We will make your wedding the most brilliant and precious event of your life.

We present a new style of wedding from an indoor wedding in the mystic Crystal Ballroom to the classical Grand Ballroom to a garden wedding
that will resemble a beautiful fairy tale. Elysian Gangchon Wedding is a special meeting space for the initial meeting between the families
of the bride and groom, bridal parties, birthday parties, milestone 70th birthday parties, etc. The comfortable bridal waiting room and
the clean and spacious reception area are designed with convenience in mind for all guests as well as the bride and groom.

In addition, professional chefs freshly prepare dishes are on the spot. Guests can expect high-quality service offered through our partnership
with the Intercontinental Hotel. We will be happy to make suggestions for various wedding plans including a musical wedding and
a traditional wedding.

Crystal Ballroom

An eternal memory born of the mystic light and modern interior
Experience the elegant atmosphere of the Crystal Ballroom that highlights the bride's beauty on her wedding day.

A fantastic wedding held under the crystal clear light

Crystal clear light shines through the stylish and modern Crystal Ballroom as though it was a welcomed wedding guest of the bride and groom.
The grandeur of high ceilings, the high centerpiece of the table, and the placement of flowers from the entrance
all the way down to the aisle accentuate the bride’s beauty.
The Crystal Ballroom has a uniquely luxurious atmosphere that perfectly reflects Elysian Wedding’s elegant and sensible style.

Grand Ballroom

The moment that the new horizon of your life opens is one that will last forever.
Experience a comfortable and elegant wedding in a beautiful space that features a pure white.

A classical wedding in a majestic and brilliant space

The Grand Ballroom has a romantic and majestic ambience and is designed with three main colors: white gold which represents elegance,
pure white which symbolizes the bright and merry bride, and gold candles that accentuate the romantic atmosphere.
The spacious white hall makes guests feel comfortable.This luxurious yet moderate space enhances the elegance of a wedding.

Garden Wedding

Happiness and calm in beautiful nature
Feel the beauty of nature throughout the four seasons.

A special wedding for relaxation in nature

For the most beautiful event of your life, Elysian Garden Wedding prepares the nature designed just for you.

Small wedding

Are you planning a special wedding? Or a wedding with a party atmosphere?
Do you find crowded weddings cumbersome but find it difficult to source a nice wedding hall
that accommodate a smaller number of guests?
Perhaps you find the wedding costs burdensome even if you host a smaller number of guests.
Let Elysian Small Wedding address your concerns!

A small and private wedding at Elysian Wedding

Elysian Wedding provides a small and private wedding space for those who envision a wedding where guests can chat
and spend the joyous occasion with friends and family in a more intimate setting.
No matter what your budget or group size, Elysian is the perfect location for creating lasting memories.

Traditional Wedding

Korean Traditional wedding with the beauty of nature
Feel the unique Korean culture and its antique atmosphere.

The beautiful harmony of Korean tradition and the poolside wedding

You can experience the beauty of Korean culture and the nature. This will make your precious memory more special.

Bride’s waiting room

The bride's waiting room features a luxurious design
A high-class and unique style perfectly fits for the bride

The bride's waiting room that accentuates
the bride’s beauty in pure white

The bride's waiting room features a modern style with a black and white motif which gives a glamorous but clean impression.
The room is a space where the bride, her family, and friends spend a relaxing time together.
The natural scenery through the window is sure to calm her heart.
Share the special moments with the calmness of nature in the bride's waiting room of Elysian Gangchon Wedding.

Pyebaek Hall

Tradition with modern vibe
Pyebaek Hall is a space focused on comfort and elegance.
The ambience reflects the parents' wish to bless newlyweds' children.

Classical and luxurious gold Pyebaek Hall

It is a space where a bride and groom express their gratitude to their spouse's family according to the Korean tradition.
The hall was specially designed to emphasize both the traditional and modern elements of this important wedding ritual.
Guests will feel its classical and elegant ambience.
Elysian Gangchon will do our best to provide you with heartfelt services.