Rest and comfort in the middle of Mother Nature

User Information Ski Resort Suitable for Beginners and Intermediates

Enjoy the Elysian Skiing with your family, friends and someone you love.

Operation Hours

Division Day Snow grooming Night Late-Night Time
Time 09:00~17:00 17:00~18:30 18:30~22:30 18:30~24:00
  • - Ski Slopes Operation Period : 2021.12.03 ~ 2022.02.28
  • - Late Night Time Ski Slopes Operation : Fridays, Saturdays, and holidays.

Use Process

  • STEP 01 Arrive at the resort

    Enjoy more enjoyable and safer ski experience at Elysian Gangchon, a ski resort for beginners and intermediates

  • STEP 02 Purchase lift tickets and rentals

    Buy a lift pass at the ticket office. With the smart fare system, you can use it at the time of your convenience.

  • STEP 03 Equipment rental

    After purchasing your rental ticket, please go to the entry located at the right of the Ski House ticket office.
    To visit the Challenge House, go to the right of the ticket office and head straight toward the Snow Garden.

  • STEP 04 Wear the equipment

    Please sit on the chair in front of the lockers and change into the equipment you have received.

  • STEP 05 Entry to slopes

    Before boarding a lift, please check whether the slope is for beginner, intermediate or the advanced.