Seminar & Wedding

Rest and comfort in the middle of Mother Nature

Seminar Room Choose from a small, medium, large-sized lecture hall
that is appropriate for your event size, purpose,
and the number of the attendees.

We provide the optimal space with the latest lecture equipment and advanced multimedia system.


Surrounded by the forests and river, Elysian Gangchon is free from the noise
and distractions of an urban setting. This is an ideal space for banquets.

Banquet Information

  • - We will provide you services for various workshops, small gatherings, family events and other important meetings.
  • - You can enjoy indoor banquets with high quality catering services anywhere in the resort.
  • - Group meeting/event inquiries: (+82) 02-2095-1507,
  • - Wedding/banquet inquiries: (+82) 033-260-2800, 2900