About Gangchon

Rest and comfort in the middle of Mother Nature

Enjoy the true relaxation at Elysian Gangchon

About Gangchon


Encounter a mystic rain-fog of the northern
Han River, picturesque mountains,
vivid memories and emotions in your
young days at Gangchon.

Elysian Gangchon offers an unforgettable
vacation in diverse atmosphere of
four seasons and full of energy.

About Gangchon

1 hour from Seoul, Easy to reach via several traffic routes

Encounter a beautiful resort surrounded by Mother Nature

You can reach Elysian Gangchon within only 1 hour from Seoul The road from Seoul to Chuncheon has the great scenery to drive You can reach Chuncheon with ease by getting on the Gyeongchun metro from Seoul. Elysian Gangchon is surrounded by the forest and river of Mother Nature.

Elysian Gangchon has independent structure without hazardous environment, which makes the perfect place for the rest and comfort for people who are tired with insipid daily life